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DocDiegO's News

Posted by DocDiegO - July 21st, 2022

Yay! more Ass Creed games. totally what we asked for.


Nibel's twit about the new Kotaku article about the next Assassin's Creed games


Totally legit and accurate reaction of Ubisoft's flagship mascot Rayman about the announcement of the next Assassin's Creed games

And Rayman fans are not the only ones that are disappointed, they quietly announced the cancelation of a Splinter Cell game. i don't have any reason to live anymore...

Nibel's Tweet with the article: https://twitter.com/Nibellion/status/1550182017702285314?s=20&t=YUQFk5upEWq2mYcaepEwTg

Splinter Cell thing and other unknown projects: https://twitter.com/stephentotilo/status/1550156608713510914?s=20&t=LJNpiJyOaLWakwUFnBIoRw


Posted by DocDiegO - July 19th, 2022

I check the hellhole that is Twitter and a look the "What's going on page", you know, that page that shows you the trends and the "big things" you don't really care like celebrity drama and remembering me that Stranger Things exist and Rosalía produced Motomami. but this time they suggest me something really wild that makes me say: LOL!


This is sex between elves in The Lord of the Rings according to Tolkien: "too intense to be endured for long"

I demand a NSFW artwork of a human and Elf having sex, with the human dying on the climax or something XD



Posted by DocDiegO - July 17th, 2022

I was going to sleep untill my brother tells me that my POOTIS ENGAGE fanart appears in the first results on Google Images


I'm famous! Well, Kind of...



Posted by DocDiegO - July 16th, 2022

Here are some sketches i made on my notebook


A little drawing of the Postal Dude


Helena, magnificent like always


A thumbnail of Ruby on the beach

I'll promise to all of you character sheets for Ruby and Helena.



Posted by DocDiegO - July 15th, 2022




Posted by DocDiegO - July 15th, 2022

A preview of my artwork for @s-zenmode's Alien Hominid Collab, it's still missing the Fat Kid but that's just normal for a WIP




Posted by DocDiegO - July 14th, 2022

I want to do comics, i make my own ones in A4 sheets and Line Notebooks without any formal knowledge of how to do that. It was until i came to High School when i met my friends and partners who do amateur comics just like me and shared same stuffs i like + very talented folks on higher grades that me at the time. the only good thing i learn in High School was that i want to do comics and illustration for real and my contact with the internet only just fuel my desire to do that watching other people's content and how they succeeded without the need to be in a editorial like Marvel/DC/Dark Horse etc. and created big projects or other that stay on the independent way and still, the get big recognition and success. hell, the first thing i did when i arrive to Europe was buying this two books of Scott McCloud about Comic Books and Visual Language, so far the best 20€ I spent.


Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art (1993) and Making Comics - Storytelling Secrets of Comics, Manga, and Graphic Novels (2007) both by Scott McCloud

Btw, if you want to do Comics and Visual Language and want a point of reference to start, this books are OBLIGATION! try to get this two by any means necessary.

I will upload comics in a near future, but not in Newgrounds. don't get me wrong, Newgrounds is a great place for publishing content, but is not a good for publish comics, good for illustrations but not for comics. so i will chose another platform to upload my comics, i check it out and there's this one, Webtoon, pretty big one many comics are created in that place and various were adapted in other media as movies and series! i created the account and i watch the pop ones and...


Boyfriends (2022) created by refrainbow

I watch a bit of this crap and oh my fucking god, is the most generic, obnoxious, and painful comic i ever read in my entire life! full of clichés and stereotypes without any single piece of originality or even a bit of substance, and the colors THE FUCKING PASTEL COLORS GRRRRAAAAHHH!!! + it's confirmed that the creator did lewd drawings of minors and do racism and anti-semitism. Okay, okay, Diego, take a breath calm down it's just one shit show, right?

Almost 90% of the content in Webtoon are just dramas, romances, and slice of lifes, all of them with super clean pseudo anime/manga style with pastel colors without any much variation with pretty people and shit. and remember what i say about the adaptations? they are just cheap K-Telenovelas and bad movies on Netflix.


Webtoon publishing calendar

Webtoon is full of garbage, you're not going to get popular unless you stay on the line, and the worst of all this they are the main face of the page, they always appear in the annoying advertisement of the site on the web, especially on YouTube ads. that discourage me to do comics, but mostly the entire World Wide Web. the same World Wide Web that courage me discourage me to do that or other stuff related to art.

You see, now we are in Web 2.0, what the fuck does that means? that means that we live in a Internet where we are more connected than ever thanks to social media, but that had a dark side. the way social works is thanks to algorithms that monitores our interactions with stuffs and other individuals, that algorithm decides what is trendy and what should be popular and recognized, machines dictated what should go, what we need to watch, play, and read and put us in a custom tooled bubble, that last thing sound like a monologue of a cyberpunk fiction but it is our sad reality and now all the sites work in this way, Webtoon included. all one except Newgrounds, this site was a detox experience for me, the only thing that is manage by a bot is a top weekly content list, the rest is pull out by users and human administrators in a natural way. Newgrounds is the last bastion of web content on the internet who doesn't succumb to the oppressively ambient of Web 2.0, but, despide that NG is a free place it doesn't have the enough media impact like Twitter, and this is when we're back to the beginning... back to the control of the zeros and ones.

It makes me sad that honest people have to knee down to a machine in order to get recognition and even that you're still treated like trash if you not are a influencer, a already famous character, or a generic artist who accept his role of brick in the wall.

But, there's a bright light in the end of the tunnel, recently i begin to explore more and find that one of the artist i follow Deputy Rust had his webcomic Unbreakeble Iron Ranger and he's a very cool guy and his art and comics are cool too!


Unbreakable Iron Ranger (2019 - Up to this date) created by Deputy Rust

And not only him, various I follow, they still publishing on this shit holes. and now i discovered that I'm not alone in this. now, I am more motivated and angry at the same time, why angry? because trash like Boyfriends gets advertisement on fucking New York and creators like Wriizzy had to struggle on Twitter in order to get the appeal to a machine who mistreats content creators. well, enough anger for today you all ready get the point, i don't like the way of the Web 2.0, i cannot tolerate the corporate incompetency, the machines administrating the copyright, monetization, content flow, support, everything, i don't want to be forced suck the filthy dick of a computer algorithm, i don't want to do generic content, clickbait, and silly dramas to grow up.

So, in a near future i will publish a comic series, more likely on Webtoon, o in a personal webpage (a way much better option) and you and me needs to fight this shit to make the web great again for independent content!

Before i go, i want to recommend to you all some webcomics i got in order to support this creators:

  • The Glass Heart - AlmKornKid: This fantasy story goes about the turbulent relationship of a young couple who gets even more bitter due to the conflict between two powerful spirits, Alm and Em are chosen to be the successor of this spirits in conflict, now the are going into a fight whtich is gonna decided the destiny of the world and they relationship. the difference with the two last ones is that is published on MediBang and Tapas, nonless, pretty intresting. the most interesting aspect of this comic is the use of the colors, monochrome pallets but well done. https://tapas.io/series/The-Glass-Heart

  • The Knights of the Wandering Castle - LunyDoobles: The tales of a boy who wants to be a knight of a magical castle. beautiful artstyle and unique setting. this one has a own website. https://wanderingcastle.net

I hope you appreciate this content as much as I do, support these projects and more. I hope that in the future I will be able to publish my comics, thank you and have a good day!

Fuck pastel colors!



Posted by DocDiegO - July 13th, 2022

Pixar's dumptruck mom lol




Posted by DocDiegO - July 12th, 2022

I decided to not switch to Linux yet because my current hardware it's just not enough to deal a lot of thing right now and lose my stuffs is a danger that I'm not wildly to face it.

Right now i just have a Laptop with just 118GB of storage + an external SSD drive to storage my stuffs and mayor installations. a Laptop isn't exactly a strong main workstation especially for art and occasionally gaming and right now i don't have the money to have at least a low end Desktop (barely to maintain myself and my family), but, the idea of trying Linux still.

Posted by DocDiegO - July 11th, 2022

Very frequently I receive reactions from a review i made for a old A-rate flash game made by skuddbutt (don't ask why), maybe is because i manage to do a well located commentary about the flash XD


The most funny thing about it, all the reactions are from new users